Kansas City, MO

Steve Odell

Your Development Partner

Senior Software Engineer

Steve Odell

Driven by a strong and passionate desire to do things well, whether it be developing solutions and applications, or developing new leaders. Enjoys dabling in functional languages and constantly learning in a never ending effort to keep up with technology.

Database Design & Implementation

Building Agile Practices

Leadership and Building Leaders

Steve’s Passions

Programming Languages

From object oriented to functional, from dynamic to staticly typed languages, Steve has a deep passion for programming languages and the roles they play in developing different types of systems and applications. Steve spends most of his time in staticly-typed, object-oriented programs but his passion extends to functional languages because of the correctness they bring due to features like immutability and algebraic data types.

Agile Practices

Steve has a passion for making teams as fluid and efficient as possible by adopting modern agile ideology. This goes far beyond incorporating stand ups and sprints into a, still, very waterfall like development process, and looks more like changing behavior and discipline to slowly improve and adapt to be the best a team can be.

For Fun

Royals Baseball

I love to attend as many Royals games as possible. I was even lucky enough to be at the 2014 Wild Card game and many of the 2014 and 2015 post season games.


The only thing better than eating at a Kansas City BBQ joint is making my own BBQ! I try to take advantage of any time that I can to fire up my Traeger for the day and smoke some delicious meat.


Writing code and playing with new techonologies has been something I’ve loved doing with middle school, when I was introduced to QBasic.

Ping Pong

When I need to just get my body moving at work, the thing I like to do most is challenge my co-workers to an intense game of ping-pong.

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