Kansas City, MO

Regan Bourland

Your Development Partner

User Experience Architect

Regan Bourland

An artsy technophile who is entirely too empathetic, wears her heart on her sleeve, and has a passion for solving problems of all shapes and sizes.

Empathy without bias

Bridging the technical/creative gap

A one [wo]man army

Regan’s Passions

Teaching and Learning

A lot of people loathe being asked questions or favors like, “Hey, you’re good at this stuff… can you help me [ connect my tablet to my fax machine ] / [ set the clock on my microwave ] / [ assemble this Ikea furniture ] / [ draw a blueprint for my project ]?” Well, you’re in luck because not only do I love to help, but I’ve learned to troubleshoot, take things apart, put things back together, put myself in others’ shoes, see problems from multiple different perspectives, and then ultimately share what I’ve learned. Every time someone says, “Hey, guess what?! I fixed it myself this time!” I feel like an angel gets its wings.

Teaching without learning is unfortunate. Learning without teaching is tragic.

I don’t know this child. Public domain photo courtesy of @ysbayrak and pxhere.com.

The Element of Surprise

I’ve come to learn an interesting fact about myself: the ability to impress you, go beyond your expectations, break a stereotype of any kind, beat the odds, achieve the “impossible”, or otherwise present you with the opposite result as what you expected is fun to me. In an attempt to do that now, here are some interesting tidbits:

  • As a result of severe brain swelling due to illness as an infant, there are certain pitch ranges in which I’m considered “profoundly deaf” and some which could be considered superhuman levels of hearing.
  • I grew up living in the inner city and suburbs in the west, but spent half my childhood on farms in the heartland. This provided me ultra-diverse experiences I find to be invaluable as an adult.
  • A “geek” and a “jock”: I inherited tremendous all-around athletic abilities and practiced year-round as a teenager allowing me to receive three separate athletic scholarships in college and play sports professionally for three years in my 20s.
  • I’ve worked for large corporations and also built my own successful sole proprietorship. I enjoy thriving in “a man’s world” and being part of Kansas City Women in Technology, a group of developers, innovators, thought leaders.

For Fun


Not really a “gamer” in the log-on-and-play-console-games sense, but I am clinically addicted to several strategic puzzle game apps. I also absolutely love playing board games with others.


We have a home designed to host an army because we LOVE hosting armies of people as often as possible. But I’m introverted, so go home after so I can “recharge”.


I’ve always been fascinated by mechanics, electronics, coding, and physics. Inventing, building, modifying, fixing, (and of course breaking) are my favorite things to do.


I believe that our world is a precious place that should be treated as such. I want to see into every dark corner, arctic sea, majestic mountaintop, rushing river valley, and deep ocean.


I enjoy sporting events of all kinds. I appreciate that Kansas City has several teams to root for, but I don’t take allegiances too seriously. I like to visit other cities to enjoy their teams and games, too – for the love of the game.


As you may have noticed, I tend to attempt to break tension or monotony with comic relief. It’s way too easy to take life too seriously and forget to have a little fun in life. I enjoy being silly and making others smile.