Kansas City, MO

Mike Zimmerman

Your Development Partner

CEO & Founder

Mike Zimmerman

Mike is passionate about building powerful teams to deliver top notch technology solutions. He surrounds himself with greatness and is always on the lookout for ways to help his clients and other entrepreneurs.

Big picture architectural design and modeling

Breaking down complex business problems into technology solutions

Ability to wear a lot of hats

Mike’s Passions

Modeling Problem Domains

As a business owner, Mike is very passionate about understanding how his client’s business operates at a detailed level. He takes great pride in driving towards solutions that model the functional business domain and have clear ROI.

Any development company can build a REST or Graph API for you based on application screen shots you provide.  However, a true development partner will design an API to reflect how the business operates, not how the application flows.  This is a subtle, but extremely important distinction that results in much more extensible and longer lasting APIs.


Mike is passionate about small business and appreciates the internal drive it takes to be successful at creating a meaningful organization from scratch. The complexity and uncertainty of the business building journey is what Mike finds most exciting and rewarding.

Mike is also an active member of the Helzberg Entrepreneurial Mentoring Program and believes strongly in having good mentors to help share their experiences in hopes of making the journey smoother and more enjoyable.

For Fun


Mike is married to his wife, Christine, and together they have three daughters, Emily, Olivia, and Isabel. Much of their free time is spent attending volleyball tournaments / practices, band concerts, and various other activities.


Mike is passionate about seeing the world and experiencing as many different cultures as he can.  Life is an adventure and there is a lot out there to see, explore, and experience.  The learning that comes from exposing yourself and your family to different cultures is priceless.

The Outdoors

Software guys spend a lot of time indoors at computers, whiteboards, and tables.  To counter this, Mike is an avid runner, trekker, fly fisherman, and tent camper.  He hopes one day to make it to Everest basecamp and climb Kilimanjaro.


Reading is another way to explore new worlds and learn about the things you don’t understand or are too embarassed to ask.  Mike loves to read and treasures the mornings or afternoons that he can get lost in a book.