Kansas City, MO

Matt Sanner

Your Development Partner

Software Engineer

Matthew Sanner

A K-State grad with a drive for making connections with people, learning about their problems, and engineering the best solutions for them.

C#.NET & Python
Full Stack Application Development
Quality Engineering

Matt’s Passions


Whether it is trying out a new programming language, tinkering with a new gadget, or picking up a guitar to learn a new tune, I am passionate about continuous learning in all aspects of my life. I get a true sense of fulfillment from applying new ideas and concepts to solving problems, bettering myself and helping others.


A big part of my life is the people in it. I enjoy spending time with friends and family and branching out to connect with new people whenever I can. I’m passionate about getting to know people, learning from them, and making a positive impact in their lives.

For Fun


I enjoy learning my favorite songs and catchy riffs on guitar, drums, and any other instrument I can get my hands on.


A little healthy competition is good for everyone. I enjoy playing a variety of sports and cheering on the local KC teams and K-state Athletics.


I enjoy reading up on the latest market trends and finding the best stocks to make (usually) wise investments in.


It’s hard to beat a good glass of whiskey.