Kansas City, MO

Jeremy Mason

Your Development Partner

Senior Software Engineer

Jeremy Mason

An ambitious self-starter whose passion for technology is matched only by his desire to lead others. Enjoys using his skills to design and build cool stuff for himself and others. And looking for new ideas to explore in the fast-paced world of technology.

Full-Stack Application Development

Cloud Architecture + AWS

Database Design, Implementation

Jeremy’s Passions

Cloud Computing

The rise of cloud computing has made it easier than ever to take an idea from inception to production, without breaking the bank. This virtual platform has brought with it new ways of thinking about software automation, design, storage, analytics, scalability, and cost.


As a co-organizer of the JavaScript KC meetup group, and a recent speaker at the Kansas City Developer’s Conference, I really enjoy finding ways to teach others, meeting new people that share my passion for technology, and helping others in the tech community connect with one another.

Software Design

I’m probably not the best person to talk to for a rich, aesthetically pleasing design, but in the world of boxes and arrows, I love the process of taking complex problems and breaking them down into 0s and 1s. This translates into conversations with clients to understand their processes, friendly arguments at the whiteboard with co-workers, taking feature requests, and turning them into database tables and screens, or exploring better ways to build software by creating reusable solutions to common problems.

For Fun


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I’m a glutton for Kansas City BBQ, but I also love trying new things, especially local cuisine in new places.


I’ve recently grown to love craft beer, I love to sample new brews, or sip on old favorites.


I love to travel, and my favorite destination is our annual road trip to the Rocky Mountains to hit the slopes!

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