Kansas City, MO

Devin Kelly-Collins

Your Development Partner

Senior Software Engineer

Devin Kelly-Collins

A team player who is dedicated to delivering a product that meets the needs of customers utilizing good code architecture.

Frontend Development; Angular, Ionic, Typescript

Javascript; Node, Rest APIs, Elm

Backend Development; C#

Devin’s Passions


Angular was the first javascript framework I learned to use and it is still my go to choice when building web applications. I started working with Angular when it was at version 1.0.6. Since then, Angular has gone through some major changes and I have done a lot of learning on how to build applications using small flexible components. Currently I am learning Redux and how it can be used within Angular in order to build large stable applications.


My interest in testing comes from a desire to follow Behavior Driven Design. To support that, I enjoy writing my tests using a framework like CucumberJS or SpecFlow. My goals when designing tests for an application is to ensure that that the test completely and accurately tests a given feature while minimizing the amount of maintenance required to keep the test accurate as the application grows.

For Fun


I’m a huge fan of sushi and always on the look out for new places to try in the Kansas City area.


At the end of the day, I enjoy sitting down and playing some of my favorite games. I’m usually playing on a PS4, but I also enjoy playing card games with friends and family.

Cats & Dogs

I have 2 fuzzy cats and a goofy dog at home. With frequent trips to the park and lots of playtime, keeping them entertained can be a full time job.


My wife and I love to see new places whenever we get the chance. So far, our favorite destination has been San Diego, California because of the view of the ocean and the fantastic food.

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