Kansas City, MO

Devereux Henley

Your Development Partner

Software Engineer

Devereux Henley

A talented programmer with a passion for functional programming and full stack web development.

Full-Stack Web Application Development



Devereux’s Passion


Created by Rich Hickey, this functional programming language is a dream to develop with. Capable of targeting the JVM, Node, and the browser, Clojure’s simple standard library and refined REPL makes prototyping anywhere in the stack a breeze. Whether it’s mocking out an idea for a web application with Fulcro or learning about database tools like Datomic, Clojure makes programming in my free time a joy.

For Fun


Playing Defense of the Ancients 2 with friends.


Experimenting with new languages and frameworks or slamming out a proof of concept with Clojure.

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