Kansas City, MO

Chris McGee

Your Development Partner

Software Engineer

Chris McGee

Chris is a recent K-State graduate who brings a team-oriented attitude and passion for software development to the Artisan team.

Systems thinking

Attention to detail

Analytical mindset

Chris’ Passions

Building Things

Chris grew up working on bikes and cars as a kid, and this interest transferred to computers when he obtained his first PC in high school. Chris tapped into this passion and started learning to use programming languages in order to modify games and other applications that he used. In college, Chris decided to pursue a degree in Management Information Systems in order to learn the business side of software development. In order to obtain a comprehensive understanding of the different areas of software development, Chris supplemented this major with several computer science courses and lots of fiddling around with personal projects. Chris continues to use and build on this knowledge at Artisan where he is able to use his existing expertise to help create effective, efficient software solutions for clients.

For Fun


Chris spends his free time during nice weather at the skatepark or on the trails on his bike.


Chris enjoys listening to a variety of different music. From honky-tonk to hip-hop and everything in between.