Kansas City, MO

Bryce Burks

Your Development Partner

Project Manager

Bryce Burks

Bryce is an easy-going professional, always looking for ways to make the workplace fun. He’s an individual who takes his work seriously, but not himself.

Battery is always fully charged
Technical know-how and business smarts… combined
A master juggler of many hats

Bryce’s Passions

agile development

Planning and Prioritization

As a project manager Bryce can’t help but look at the big picture and create a path to the finish line. From the start of a project to very end, he will be there every step of the way to ensure the plan is set, known and communicated. As an Agilist, Bryce also has a knack for adjusting course as necessary to ensure the right things are being done at the right time.

Any project manager can say they can manage a project, it takes someone like Bryce to truly understand the needs of a client and deliver a solution that actually solves the problem. Having the ability to wear multiple hats, knowing how and when to communicate across various channels has made Bryce a very capable professional. His track record, passion and drive for delivering quality products is something that he takes great pride in.

Good Design

From a good looking, well engineered car to an excellent user experience, Bryce loves a good design. UI/UX design has become a passion of his as he’s moved through his career and is something that he continues to make a priority no matter the project. He feels that you shouldn’t have to read a manual to understand how you’re supposed to use something. Bryce’s belief is that simplicity can also mean beautiful.

For Fun


Bryce is married to his high school sweetheart, Sara. Together they have two boys, Kingston and Harrison. They love to go on vacations and spend summer days near the water (pool, lake, ocean, you name it).


Bryce grew up playing all sorts of sports. He found out early on, that he had a talent for distance running and has kept it up ever since. Today he likes to play ultimate frisbee and softball with his friends.


Growing up around cars has made Bryce a “car guy”. He follows the auto industry very closely and loves to watch various auto racing series’. His dream car you ask? A resto-modded 1967 Ford Mustang with a manual transmission.


Travelling the country is one of Bryce’s favorite things to do. He’s been to many states and wishes to visit them all someday. He particularly loves places that have a good beach. Despite being a mid-westerner, he feels that he feels most at home near the water.