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The Exciting World of Software Auditing

Have you been putting off improving your software’s auditing capabilities?

We get it; it sounds boring and tedious.

The good news is that software auditing can be exciting if you approach it correctly. After all, what’s more exciting than saving money, time, and resources?

Why is Software Auditing Important?

Auditing is a key, and oft overlooked component of software engineering and maintenance. Auditing is the recording the actions of a system to review activity and ensure security.

And, it’s a lot of work.

Auditing is a perfect way to understand usage patterns in your software and help uncover areas of improvement or identify potential features that are ready to phase out. The outcome can result in reduced cost of maintenance, and ultimately moves the ownership of the software or system back in the hands of the business.

Security Insights

Auditing is an extra layer of protection and is a full-fledged requirement of any modern software system. By logging user activity, you gain incredibly valuable insights into how the systems are performing and being utilized, as well as the safety and security of the system.

Being able to audit for security is a vital part of the process that can inform engineers as to whether there’s been unauthorized access to sensitive data. This is a critical component of any software or system where information is protected by HIPAA or SOX regulations.

How Does Auditing Impact The Bottom Line?

Recently, a healthcare company based in Kansas City asked us to partner with them to enhance their current software solutions, which led to an opportunity to showcase the value of software auditing.

Reducing Complexity Means Reduced Costs

Our goal with our initial approach was to establish patterns that are efficient and are easy to maintain in the future. This allowed us to simplify processes in the system. By employing the single responsibility principle to the system, we were able to reduce the overall complexity.


“Auditing is normally boring. It’s awful. That’s what’s awesome about this project we made an awful, boring, part of software development go away.” ~ Steve Odell


Steve Odell, Director of Software Engineering at Artisan, attests that the relationship between software engineering consultants and businesses is the strongest when it’s established as a two-way partnership. Steve drives this point home by saying, “We’ve always emphasized that this is a partnership, and we’re expected to contribute in meaningful ways. We’re quality-driven and focus heavily on good design patterns.”

Steve further explained they were able to uncover a much more efficient way to meet the auditing requirements with much less code. By leveraging a dispatch function, and adding simple attributes, they were able to call an auditing function and capture everything.

Building On the Partnership; No Code is Best Code

Simply put, businesses save time, money, and resources by working with their engineers to regularly audit their software or systems. By reducing the code needed to support the software needs, maintenance becomes more efficient, less risky, and less costly.

We believe that great engineers are consistently looking for ways to make their work more efficient, either through automation or good code patterns. This is integral to what makes Artisan so unique – finding the right people who will consistently go above and beyond for the long-term success of a partnership.

Are you ready to take a look under the hood of your business technology? Talk to us; we’re ready to listen. 



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