Integrity Locating Services

Trulink Mobile Application


TruLink Mobile is a SaaS software platform focused on providing public utility locating, private utility locating and GPS utility mapping services to its customers across the country.


ILS wanted to find a way to more effectively manage their remote field workforce. Each of their field workers had several jobs to complete, all in various locations throughout the country. ILS wanted to leverage up-to-date mobile technology in order to make their field workers more efficient and effective at scheduling, managing, and completing their tasks.


We built TruLink, a mobile application which uses a vehicle-mounted tablet to display jobs and tasks. The app helps workers optimize their routes and establish an order and prioritize tasks throughout their day as calls are fielded and assigned in real time. For quality control, the app also allows them to upload pictures as photo evidence that a particular job was completed appropriately and on time.

With the business scaling quickly, we leveraged serverless cloud architecture that automatically scales with the needs of the business so ILS can keep their people focused on the task at hand. By connecting to workers’ smartphones and tablets, as well as the tablet and storing data in the cloud, updates are synchronized throughout all devices across the country to their headquarters in Kansas City.