Beyond the Scores



The youth sports market was in desperate need of technology platforms to run their businesses on. Competitions were difficult to manage and the fan experience was challenging. The founders of Beyond the Scores wanted to change all of this by building a platform that entire sports could operate on.


Create a mobile-friendly web Application on iOS and Android that would allow club owners and directors to manage every aspect of their league, from scheduling times to handling payments and memberships. The application would also allow for judges and volunteers to manage scoring, which would in turn allow for a real time experience for fans and athletes to view score submissions.


Artisan Technology Group developed a cloud-native solution running on Amazon Web Services, using an API-first approach to development, meaning that a great emphasis was placed on a deep understanding of the sports industry, and building a performant, flexible REST API that could be used to provide support for a variety of applications.

Artisan Technology Group took advantage of Elastic Beanstalk for load balancing, auto scaling, and monitoring, allowing Beyond the Scores to support the platform without the resources to hire a fully dedicated Operations team.


After the initial launch of the Beyond the Scores platform, usage of the platform (based on the total number of users, athletes, and competitions) grew significantly, usually more than double from season to season. By the time the project was completed, the platform had grown from nothing to 1000’s of competitions, across the US, Canada, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

In June 2016, Beyond the Scores was acquired by SportsEngine, a division of NBC Sports, that provides software solutions for youth and amateur sports. Artisan Technology Group continued to provide support and maintenance through August 2018, and the project is now being fully managed by SportsEngine.