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The Insurance Partners

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Client Overview

The Insurance Partners is a wholesale, independent brokerage general agency providing full-service resources for insurance brokers, financial advisors, consultants, and agents. Their breadth of industry knowledge, unparalleled access to carriers and expertise in the most complex cases ensure they can deliver the right solutions for both employer-sponsored and single policy situations. Founded in 2011, their headquarters are in Overland Park, KS.


  1. Create a secure portal for sales staff and partners to submit opportunities, share documents, and track the status of open cases. 
  2. Create tools to automate time-consuming tasks during the sales process, including processing spreadsheet, identifying missing employees, and document creation. 
  3. Create a new brand, GSI Connect, that The Insurance Partners can use to expand their services, using technology to give them a competitive advantage in the marketplace. 


Professional Services 

The Insurance Partners provides a great service to their clients, by offering supplementary insurance coverage that fixes the unintentional discrimination of top employees that can occur as coverage limits are met and they do not receive the full benefit offered by standard group policies.  However, the insurance industry offers a large range of services, and everything comes at a cost to the business, so it’s important for The Insurance Partners to work closely with their clients, provide the right amount of information to make a good decision, and communicate it to them in a clean, consistent, professional format. 


With the rising importance of digital security, as more services are being uplifted to the cloud, and evil lurking from all corners of the globe, it was important to The Insurance Partners to provide a solution to their partners that would give them confidence that all the information they are sharing will be delivered and stored securely.  The state of the industry today consists mainly of e-mailing sensitive documents between partners, which has inherent risks. 

Artisan Technology Group helped to deliver a solution built on Amazon Web Services, an industry-leading cloud provider, offering a variety of industry-standard security and compliance certifications, and taking advantage of application security features, such as: 

  • Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) for network security 
  • Secure authentication with ASP.NET 
  • Amazon S3 for fully authorized, and encrypted document storage 
  • AWS Certificate Manager for secure data transfer using SSL certificates 


When we were first introduced to The Insurance Partners, they were still very early in the ideation process of determining what parts of their sales pipeline they wanted to automate, what a software solution would enable for them, and how to bring it all together.  Artisan Technology Group was brought in to provide support, starting with several meetings to walk through their business model and sales process from beginning to end, and drafting a collection of screen illustrations to help The Insurance Partners visualize what the finished product might look like, and provide feedback early in the process. 

Once the scope of the project had been realized, Artisan Technology Group began working diligently to make the vision a reality.  Using widely accepted Agile practices, such as continuous delivery, bi-weekly sprint demos, and short, iterative planning sessions, Artisan Technology Group was able to create a working solution within 6 months, followed by several weeks of testing, gathering feedback, and fixing issues, along with a few enhancements that were missed during the initial design phase. 


Since that The Insurance Partners had never taken on a software project of this size before, they needed a strategic partner that could provide guidance and direction during all phases of the project, including ideation, design, development, and launch. Our team of UX experts spent time walking through their process and agreeing on a final scope.

The final solution was built as a 3-tier web application, hosted on Amazon Web Services, and using an API-first approach, giving The Insurance Partners the opportunity to expand their solution in the future by integrating new and existing solutions to their platform. 

The technology stack was comprised mainly of:

  • C#.NET– the primary platform used to serve the API and host the web application
  • SQL Server – the primary data source used to store relational data
  • Angular – the front-end web framework used for the web application
  • Amazon S3 – secure document storage, using server-side encryption
  • AWS Lambda – automated e-mail reminders


GSI Connect, a new SaaS platform offered by The Insurance Partners, was officially launched on September 1, 2018, providing a secure portal for sales staff and partners to share information easily and securely.  Since the launch, The Insurance Partners has been working hard to develop a marketing, on-boarding, and training strategy to introduce their partners to the new platform. 

Artisan Technology Group is also working closely with The Insurance Partners to start on Phase 2 of the project, expanding the new platform to include case management features, such as work item tracking, reporting, and annual reviews.