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We work with great companies to craft awesome technology solutions.

Choosing to partner with Artisan Technology Group means you will have a team of passionate, dedicated individuals who are experts in their field, working alongside you to design, build, and maintain a solution that best fits your needs.



Determining the scope and breadth of a project, researching what’s best for the organization, users, and stakeholders, and finally designing a simple, straight-forward user interface and strong technical foundation to build upon

Branding, Concepting, Prototyping, User Experience, Database, Application Architecture



Choosing both industry-standard and cutting-edge innovative tools that are right for the job and crafting a technical infrastructure that will foster project growth and progress in a healthy, scalable and stable manner

Any Platform, Cloud, Dev Ops, Integrations, RESTful APIs, Agile Project Management



Once the foundation is in place and all of the project stakeholders are on board, we focus on quality, speed, and security to turn our preliminary concept into a custom solution that meets every requirement you have

APIs, .NET, Java, Ruby, Node, Angular, and more



Your solution’s success is our priority. We’ll craft a roll-out plan, help phase out old versions or replaced platforms, create training materials and marketing promotions, and provide the roadmap to the future

Analytics, Monitoring, Reporting, Dev Ops, Mentoring

Our Services


Our team has years of experience working on a variety of applications, using platforms such as .NET, Java, Ruby on Rails, and Node.js, in both Windows and Linux environments. We will work with you to understand your process, design a solution that best fits your needs, and deliver it from inception all the way to production.


Ready to move to the cloud? Let us help you develop a strategy to move your data into a secure cloud environment, so you can spend less time managing servers and more time focusing on your business. We can help ensure your software is secure, reliable, performant, highly available, and cost-effective using industry best practices, such as data backups, cross-region replication, auto-scaling clusters, and serverless computing.


With petabytes of data streaming from thousands of sources every second, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to translate that raw data into actionable information. We leverage the power of cloud computing, and tools developed by expert data scientists, to give you a look at what’s actually happening inside your software systems, and give you the information you need to take action.


Cloud computing is making it easier than ever to spin up servers, deploy new software, and promote changes through multiple environments to detect failures before it reaches your customers. But with great power comes great responsibility… which deployment strategy to choose? PaaS, Serverless, VMs, Containers, Kubernetes, Chef, and the list keeps growing. If you’re ready to get started, but don’t know where to begin, we’re here to help!


Agile is quickly becoming the standard process for software teams who want to get more projects done faster, but what does it mean to be Agile? Whether you choose Scrum, Kanban, or some other combination, our philosophy remains the same:

  • Deliver working software, not specs
  • Provide feedback early and often
  • Adapt to changes, as necessary

Our Partners

We are trusted by small, mid-sized, and worldwide organizations to advance their technology objectives through our custom technology solutions.

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Beyond the Scores — Custom Applications