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Artisan Highlight: Rachel Singh


Game On!

Rachel Singh is a Software Engineer at Artisan. Their love for game development has translated into a lifelong passion for learning new technologies and sharing their skills. Rachel has taught Programming, Data Structure, and Discrete Math at the Collegiate-level.

Editor’s note: Rachel’s pronouns are they, them, and their.

What are you working on right now?

Currently, I am working on visual novels – With a full-time job as a software developer, I don’t always want to come home and write something from scratch in C++, so making visual novels fits in with my flexibility more right now. Previously, I have developed games in for desktop, web browser, and mobile, in a variety of languages.

How did you get into game development?

When I was nine years old my older brother decided he wanted to be a game programmer and I thought that sounded cool, too. Our dad brought home a copy of PowerBASIC and a big book that came with it. My brother just changed the credits in the example programs to his name, but I spent so much time pouring through the book and making little games.

What game that you developed are you most proud of?

My favorite thing to show off is a game I created in college. It’s a top-down, Diablo-style 2D game called Rawr Rinth where you are a dinosaur running through the suburbs, collecting your eggs and attacking the bad animals. Kids really like playing it when I’ve shown it off at places like Maker Faire.

For the most part, I am not known for my games online. I am more known for video tutorials on making games. It started as a spring break project and progressed from there. My Beginner’s Guide to Game Programming tutorial video has gotten a lot of hits, though I’ve lost track of how many. (Note: 346,792 views, as of 06/10/19)

Why are games important?

Games are important because you can present information in a more engaging way. I like making educational content in the medium of video games because it’s much easier to illustrate ideas and systems and stories in the interactive medium. Math students often ask, “when are we going to use this math concept in real life?” but if you presented the math lessons in a simulation you could show what kind of applications those topics have. It’s also great for letting people practice, make mistakes, and learn new things.

How does your game development make you a better engineer of business-related solutions?

Game development is my native development language. I naturally approach complex problems through the lens of game development, which can be very different from software development, but I think it gives me a unique perspective sometimes.

With game development, I’m used to seeing projects through the entire development lifecycle, so that helps with my ability to plan and try to foresee issues. I also work on every aspect of my own games, from building reusable components, creating good user interfaces, dealing with physics, basic artificial intelligence, and testing, so having some experience with a lot of different areas can also help with planning and building out large software projects.

Sharing of skills and talents

Rachel is one of the many Artisans here who share a love of technology and a passion for solving problems. We come from many different backgrounds and have varied and diverse interests. This makes our team stronger and better suited to solve business problems today, and in the future.

Let us know how we can help deliver innovative technology solutions that solve your complex business problems.


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