Kansas City, MO

Nick Kresz

Nick brings over twelve years of hands-on experience in IT to the fore.

As a strong proponent of servant leadership, he pushes for empowerment by providing direction and letting professionals draw the map. As a consultant, he’d been called a ‘hired gun’ for coming in to help unblock the road where IT teams had been stuck on complex issues. He strives for positive impact both in and out of the office, finding great joy in volunteering and giving to those who go without.

What’s your favorite place you’ve ever visited?

One of my greatest adventures was in Italy when I explored the ruins of Pompeii under the looming shadow of the active volcano Mount Vesuvius!

Favorite quote?

“Never confuse Motion with Action.” – Benjamin Franklin

Best advice you’ve ever heard?

From my father when I was young, he told me “the helping hand is at the end of your own arm”. That inspires and motivates me to this day. If you want anything in life, it takes personal sacrifice.